The State of Games, Ep. 150 – The One About Going Back to the Well

stateofgameslogonewEvery now and then on the podcast we like to have a special guest, and it’s especially special when the guest not only wants to be on but also proposes a salient topic. This time around we have Seth Jaffee, who is not only a game designer and head of development for Tasty Minstrel Games, but also a long-time listener of the podcast. We’ve known Seth for about seven years now, and it’s awesome to be able to catch up with him somewhere outside of Twitter and the big conventions. Join us as we go deep into all sorts of territories – this is a long one, but it’s chock full of meat!


homesteadersGames and things mentioned

Unpub Network

Star Wars: Destiny




Voyages of Marco Polo

Magic: The Gathering

Ticket to Ride: Anniversary Edition

Puerto Rico: Anniversary Edition


Eminent Domain

Terra Prime




Alien: Nostromo (actual link to the Faidutti article on BGG)



The BGG thread where Jeffrey Allers confirms that Gunkimono is Heartland and also has an amazing response to a knee-jerk comment

Cardboard Edison Awards

Notre Dame

In the Year of the Dragon



Century Spice Road: Golem Edition

Rhino Hero: Super Battle


Homesteaders: 10th Anniversary Edition (KS)

Alhambra Designer’s Edition (KS)

Hellboy (KS)

Fireball Island (KS)

Fleet: The Dice Game (KS)

Fire Tower (KS)



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