The State of Games, Episode 21 – The One About Gaming Memories of 2011

Auld lang syne. Many of you have heard the phrase, and many more of you have sang it as the ball in Times Square has dropped, signifying a new year. Essentially, it translates as “long, long ago” – as in “a galaxy far away.” However, in relation to convential transpirations, it simply means “things that happened this year.” And that’s going to be our featured translation as we take a look back on the year that was – in games.

Links to games mentioned on the podcast:

Defenders of the Realm

Igloo Pop

VivaJava: The Coffee Game

Awful Green Things From Outer Space

Mansions of Madness


7 Wonders



Elder Sign

Kingdom of Solomon




Caveman Curling





VivaJava: The Coffee Game

Carnival (It’s eastbound and down! Loaded up for Christmas!)


And, finally:

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7 Responses to “The State of Games, Episode 21 – The One About Gaming Memories of 2011”
  1. Stephen Avery says:

    Boo-Yah! I’m in the top 10!

    I’m surprised it wasn’t for my amazing portrayal of Greedo in Epic Duels…Koona t’chuta, Solo?


  2. Paul Owen says:

    I love your description of that feeling you got when you first realized that Carnival actually worked as a game. That’s so cool … it’s what we live for.

  3. dicehateme says:

    Steve – Of course you’re in the top 10! I must admit that Epic Duels was epic, but there’s only so much podcast. Maybe next year we need to do our top 25 memories. 😉

  4. dicehateme says:

    Paul – It truly is an amazing feeling, and one with which you are definitely familiar. 🙂

  5. Michael says:

    What was the game that you both discussed that involved the wooden camels?

  6. dicehateme says:

    Michael – Yspahan! You’ll love it. 🙂

  7. Isaac Marx says:

    Hi there, I’ve been catching up on the podcasts and heard you talking about wanting a 2-player variant for Yspahan (though I can’t remember if it was in this specific episode). It turns out there are official 2-player rules on the game’s website:

    I picked up Yspahan on your recommendation and played it for the first time last night. You didn’t steer me wrong! I can easily see this replacing Catan as a go-to light strategy game. I’m looking forward to receiving my copies of Road to Canterbury and Alien Frontiers as well – your site has definitely had a detrimental effect on my wallet!

    Keep up the good work!

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