The State of Games, Ep. 126: The One About Unpub Prime

stateofgameslogonewFor seven years now, game designers and plucky playtesters alike have gathered together at the Unpublished Games Festival. Once a small affair held in Dover, Delaware, Unpub has grown exponentially in the last three years, expanding to the Baltimore Convention Center and drawing huge crowds. The fundamentals and fun have not changed over the years, though; Unpub is still the best place for designers to make their unpublished creations the best they can be, and for playtesters to try out the next Big Thing before it hits the shelves!


IMG_6100Important things mentioned on the podcast

Unpub Network

My Father’s Work


Isle of Skye


Winner’s Circle

Fate of the Elder Gods

Coldwater Crown

Fleet: Dicey Waters


Pixel Factory

Step Right Up

Pencil Park

Holiday Horror

Magnificent Marvels


Ladder 29

The Library is Burning!

Storm Chasers

Song of Azathoth

Compounded Lab Notes

Fantasy Meeple Fight



VivaJava Dice



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