The 2011 Dice Hate Me Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us and tis the season to be gaming! Friends and family will soon be gathered near, and what better way to celebrate than to grab your dice and pour some cocoa? Every year, I always make it a point to have a few games under the tree for others; not only do they make great and unique gifts, but after they’re unwrapped you get to play them. Bonus!  The blessing and curse of giving games as gifts is variety. There are a lot of games out there to choose from, and pairing the right box with the correct beloved can sometimes be trying. Worry not, dear readers – use the Dice Hate Me Holiday Game Guide to aid you... Read More

The State of Games, Episode 16 – The One About the Perfect Library

We’re not always hobnobbing with the celebrities of gaming, or jetsetting to hotspots like Columbus, Ohio and Lancaster, Pennsylvania – sometimes we just like to stay at home and talk about board games. This would be one of those times, and if you’re down for a full hour of our rambunctious ramblings, boy have we got the podcast for you! Read More  Read More

The State of Games, Episode 14 – The One About The Kickstarter Experience

Have you ever prepared for a recital, or warmed up for a big game and had so many butterflies flitting about in your stomach that you thought you’d probably end up barfing on the ump or the entire first row? That’s kinda what it feels like right before you hit the GO button on your very first Kickstarter project. Thankfully for Monkey238 and me, those jitters disappeared real quick when all of you wonderful people made our dreams come true in just 17 short hours. Read More  Read More

Step right up. Enjoy your ride.

It’s that time. You’ve heard the rumblings over the past couple of months… you’ve (hopefully) seen bits and pieces of the art… and you’ve (even more hopefully) heard the buzz. Our first game release, Carnival, is now on Kickstarter and ready for your perusal! For those not in the know, Carnival is a game of set collection for 2-4 players that utilizes dice rolls to determine actions. During the game, players may use Tickets to influence dice rolls or cancel other players’ actions. Wild cards can act as card substitutes or be discarded to draw more cards from the deck. It’s just like bumper cars in... Read More

The State of Games, Episode 13 – The One About GenCon and the WBC

Phew. Gaming can sometimes be hard. Like when there are tons of cool conventions going on all summer long and you just can’t seem to get to all of them. Lucky for us, we have clones. That’s right, clones. Right now, there are hundreds of little Monkey238s running amok, possibly in your neighborhood. It’s true! Don’t be alarmed, though – they’re mostly harmless. Just have some Doritos and ice cream at the ready. You may need it. Read More  Read More

For Your Future Amusement

Yowza, yowza, step right up, watch yer step! Dice Hate Me has an important announcement to make! Granted, the cat’s been out of the bag for over a week now, but I figured we could use a little something official on the site just for matter of record. For those who haven’t heard, Dice Hate Me is going beyond just playing games – we’re now in the business of designing, producing and publishing games. The first game to come out of our stables is Carnival, a set-collecting card game that integrates dice in a unique and fun way. Carnival was conceived by Monkey238 in a little over an hour – yes, an hour – and I recognized... Read More

The Pros and Cons of Cons: 2011 Edition

Portions of this article originally appeared on Dice Hate Me on July 22, 2010 – it has been updated to reflect 2011 convention dates and information, and reposted because the somewhat-humorous, but mostly-informative posts can still aid those seeking to attend conventions in the continental US this summer. I will be at Origins this year, so if you plan to attend, look for the guy with grumpy dice somewhere on his upper body and I’ll give you a cool pin. Look for more pre-coverage of Origins, including a sneak peek at our upcoming game prototype, on Dice Hate Me within the next week. Ah, Summer. Tis the season of spray-on tans, silicon,... Read More