The State of Games, Ep. 135: The One About Tactics vs. Strategy

Tactics & strategy symbiosis; which is superior; GenCon!

The State of Games, Ep. 134: The One About the Great Egress

As Boyz II Men sang – it’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

The Crowded Table – Post-Origins Edition!

Quick-looks at Sentient, Sol, Lisboa, Yamataï, and more!

The State of Games, Ep. 133: The One About Letting Go

Culling games w/ the Jones Theory; big thoughts on Lisboa!

7th Anniversary Prize Winners!

Greetings dear readers! Well, with Origins sneaking up on me and a family matter to attend to directly after the convention, it took me longer than expected to do the prize drawing for the 7th anniversary giveaway. So, as consolation, I decided to do three giveaways! In addition to the grand prize package I did [...]

The State of Games, Ep. 132: The One About Origins 2017

Fun, new games, and near death experiences from Origins!

The State of Games, Ep. 131: The One About Getting Nasty

Mean games! Why people like them, ones we like and hate

It’s an Anniversary Giveaway Bonanza!

Win First Class, Red November, podcast appearance, more!

Thanks for 7 Wonderful Years!

A look back on seminal moments from these last 7 years

The State of Games, Ep. 130: The One About Mysterious Mysteries

Unravelling the mysterious allure of mystery games

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